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Profit from bundled skills and expertise

Over 150 years of experience in servicing proprietary real estate investments running to several billion francs has taught us to take an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to managing real estate portfolios so that we can take full account of your expectations in terms of asset protection and stability of yield. Relying on our broad-based technical know-how and deploying tried-and-trusted concepts and approaches, we develop structures and solutions tailored to your specific needs. In addition, by orienting our business policies to the prevailing market conditions, we ensure that we can offer you not only tried-and-tested products but also novel, forward-looking solutions.

Baloise Park

Investing our skills in Baloise Park in Basel up to 2020

Our broad-based skills and expertise are currently on show in the Baloise Park project. At a site located between Aeschengraben, Parkweg and Nauenstrasse in Basel, Baloise is currently constructing its “Baloise Park” real estate project due for completion in 2020. The new Baloise Park will leave its mark on the urban landscape and reflect Baloise's commitment to its home city on the Rhine. You will find all the information and articles on the Baloise Park construction project at


Dieter Kräuchi, Leiter Immobilien Konzernbereich Asset Management

“Use the broad-based skills and expertise of Baloise Real Estate – all from a single source.”

Dieter Kräuchi, Head of Real Estate

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