Trading system with top security

Track down and pursue the latest trends - the BFI C-QUADRAT ARTS trend-following funds operate according to this principle.

Time and again, trends dominate the global markets. In times past, we had the railway companies, later the IT companies, and, more recently, the so-called BRIC countries. Participating in pronounced trends such as these is crucial to the long-term success of an investment. The ability to identify and then invest in such market phases is critical for the performance of a trend-following fund.

Computerized trading systems measure the duration of different trends over different lengths of time, compare more than 10,000 investment funds, and thus deduce the most stable and profitable trends in the global markets.

The great thing about this method is that emotion – one of the most frequent causes of errors – never enters the equation. Security is guaranteed through broad diversification of the BFI trend-following fund, together with an integrated “airbag” which is activated whenever equity prices fall, and can reduce the equity allocation to 0% if necessary. This means that although losses are not ruled out completely, they are effectively cushioned.

With the BFI trend-following funds, the investor can sit back and relax. Depending on their individual investment strategy, investors can choose from one of the three different variants, each with varying maximum equity allocations. During longer upward trends, investors profit from the opportunities presented by the equities market, while potential losses during lengthier downturns are mitigated – either by reducing the equity allocation or by pulling out of the market altogether. And it all happens fully automatically.

Leo Willert, Head of Trading at ARTS Asset Management GmbH

“Just because a market (such as Brazilian equities) makes sensational gains one year doesn't mean that it can't virtually collapse the next. That's why it's important to invest only in the very best asset classes and to adopt a highly flexible approach at all times.”