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Targeted saving with investment funds

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The best time to start planning for retirement

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Why investment funds?

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Professional investment

By investing your assets in funds, you allow professional investors to manage your money and thus access investment opportunities that are not always available to the private investor. The fund manager takes care of the ongoing management of your assets on your behalf. This means that you have time for the other important things in life.

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Enjoy investor protection

An investment fund is a solution that affords you, the investor, full protection. Investment funds are special assets that are not affected by bankruptcy of the fund management company. This means that your money is in safe hands.

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Stay flexible

No waiting times are involved when investing in funds. You decide which funds you want to invest in and determine the term and the size of your investment. This means that thanks to buy and sell opportunities on each trading day, you have access to your savings at all times and stay flexible.

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Successful asset accumulation today

Is it wise to invest money in times like these?

Of course it is! Because when all is said and done, assets are meant to accumulate.

A trip around the world, implementing exciting projects and new ideas: there are many good reasons for wanting to see your assets grow. But especially these days, conventional savings solutions face a major challenge: persistently low interest rates mean that the conventional approach to saving barely generates any return.

Alternatives are needed.

In the current low interest rate environment, many people are looking for alternatives to the savings account and are eager to know how these solutions can be used to accumulate capital proactively. Which is why you too should opt for greater opportunities for returns, flexibility, and professional asset management when making your investment. We have the right solution to meet your financial investment needs.

Invest successfully

Do you want your assets to grow?

Especially in today's low interest rate environment, investment funds are an attractive alternative to conventional saving. Investing in a fund is a bit like a game of soccer. Success is all about having the right strategy and a great line-up. Find out which of our investment solutions can help you pursue your financial goals. 

Successful retirement planning

Are you ready for added time?

Start planning for the second half of your life right now and create a sound basis for your future needs and wishes. The sooner you start thinking about your private pension provision, the more likely you are to be able to relax and enjoy your retirement. Investment funds are an excellent long-term saving vehicle because you can exploit opportunities for returns while also benefiting from tax breaks.

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Investment funds in combination with a 3a retirement savings account

Do you want to take the proactive approach? If so, a fund solution combined with a Pillar 3a retirement savings account is your best option.

Start providing for your pension today
Anlagefonds in Kombination mit einer Lebensversicherung

Investment funds in combination with a life insurance policy

Do you want to be proactive in your savings approach and also protect your family against unexpected events? In that case, our fund solution combined with a life insurance policy is the ideal pension solution for you.

Start providing for your pension today

Investing in funds that match my investment needs.