Time to start saving

When is the right time to start a private pension plan?

The earlier, the better


Retirement is a time of great change, and that includes the retiree's financial situation. On average, benefits from the compulsory pension schemes will only provide you with around 60 to 70 per cent of the funds you need. These benefits will safeguard a minimum level of subsistence in old age.

But what if you want to maintain your previous standard of living or even realise those long-harboured dreams when you retire? If this applies to you, you should start accumulating additional retirement assets via a Pillar 3 scheme as early as possible. Because the earlier you start, the longer your money can work for you and earn interest to fund your post-retirement lifestyle.

A long-term, fund-based retirement plan offers added benefits


With interest rates currently remaining low, a conventional third-pillar savings account is hardly an attractive proposition, even with a long-term savings strategy. The opportunities for genuine returns are very limited. In order to exploit additional options for creating wealth, it makes sense to consider investment solutions as these offer greater earnings potential compared with conventional savings accounts.