Our pension solutions

Provision for retirement and investment funds

Start planning for the second half of your life right now and create a sound basis for your future requirements. Investment funds are an excellent means of long-term pension saving because you can exploit opportunities for returns while benefiting from tax breaks. Baloise has a range of attractive pension solutions – some in combination with investment funds – that can be tailored to your personal wishes and savings objectives.

Successful retirement planning with pension solutions from Baloise

If you want to be successful in planning your retirement, you need to start accumulating capital early, identify an appropriate strategy, and find the right professional partner. In Baloise, you have a company full of experienced pension experts who are there to help you with professional advice and assistance.   

Your Baloise consultant will help you draw up a successful investment strategy for your private pension requirements.

  • Together, we will calculate your financial requirements in retirement.

  • Together, we will draw up a successful investment strategy for your private pension.

  • Together, we will identify an appropriate pension solution.

Investing in pension solutions