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We offer you investment solutions in the fields of equities, bonds, alternative investments, real estate and multi-assets. The focus is always on balancing expected returns against investment risk. Our aim is to add value in the form of increased returns while keeping risk low. Our focus on security and risk management is reflected both in the daily management of the portfolio and in the shaping of our risk-minimizing investment strategies.

The right offer for Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 organisations

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Our pledge to clients


We are your pensions specialist ...

Baloise Asset Management is one of the 20 biggest asset managers in Switzerland boasting profound knowledge and established expertise, as well as providing access to key markets in all asset categories. We set great store by transparent investment policies, investing the assets of your insured persons as we would our own funds and client assets. We also offer active portfolio management within the same expert teams. This guarantees a highly professional approach and continuity for all invested assets, and we are able to exploit potential synergies consistently for your benefit.



… and partner for risk reinsurance

Baloise not only takes care of the assets of your pension fund, but is also a reliable partner when it comes to reinsuring the risk arising from occupational pension schemes – and it's been doing just that for 75 years. We have been managing the Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds for over 20 years; all the knowledge and expertise acquired during this time in the field of Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 benefits flow into our products and services. You can choose which risks you want to insure with Baloise based on modules ranging from single-risk reinsurance to congruent reinsurance of all death/disability benefits.


Enjoy comprehensive support services

From initial advice to portfolio migration: at Baloise, you will receive a wide range of additional services. Dedicated contacts coupled with client-orientated processes help simplify the cooperation experience and minimise your administrative cost & effort. We also believe in straightforward documentation, comprehensible information, and transparent reporting.

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