Our insurance offers for pension funds

Baloise not only takes care of the assets of your pension fund, it is also your partner for a whole range of other services in the field of occupational pensions.

Risk insurance

Risk reinsurance for death/disability

For foundations with more than 50 insured persons, our Baloise RISKplus (in German) package covers the risks of death and/or disability with a guaranteed flat-rate premium. This form of reinsurance provides the following advantages:

  • Calculable costs and calculable risk with minimal administrative cost and effort
  • Investment potential optimised thanks to lower capital tie-up and enhanced risk capacity

Congruent reinsurance

In addition, the product Baloise RISKplus (in German) provides the option of congruent reinsurance. This form of death/disability cover allows you to transfer all your risks to Baloise so that you can reduce your own provisioning requirements to zero.

Stop-loss cover

With our product Baloise Stop-Loss (in German), foundations which themselves create provisions in order to fund prospective death/disability claims can insure themselves. Baloise assumes the insured benefits as from an agreed deductible.

Excess-of-loss cover

An excess-of-loss policy in combination with stop-loss cover can help insure against individual peak risks (possible maximum losses).