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We offer an actively and a passively managed fund. The “Baloise Fund Invest (CH) - Equities Switzerland” (BFI Equities Switzerland) investment fund aims to achieve an attractive long-term return above the benchmark Swiss Performance Index (SPI) through the active selection of high-quality shares with high and stable dividend incomes.

The “Baloise Fund Invest (CH) - Equities Switzerland passive” investment fund tracks the Swiss Performance Index (SPI), with the aim of achieving a return as close as possible to the index.

Equities World ex Switzerland

The two investment funds «Baloise Fund Invest (CH) – Equities World ex Switzerland» and «Baloise Fund Invest 2 (CH) – Equities World ex Switzerland» (BFI Equities World ex Switzerland) invest globally in equities from industrial nations. By opting for a systematic «value & quality»approach, the asset manager is able to supplement attractive value stocks with the equities of highly profitable companies, thus accomplishing above-average returns compared with the MSCI World ex Switzerland.

“Investing according to clear, pre-defined rules is the key to success. By doing so, you remain true to your principles.”


Thomas Recher, Senior Portfoliomanager
Baloise Asset Management 

Equities World ex Switzerland passive

BFI (CH) - Equities World ex Switzerland" invests in equities of companies included in the reference index "MSCI World ex Switzerland Index". The index on which the investment fund is based covers the equity markets of industrialised countries (excluding Switzerland). The objective of the equity container is to replicate the price development and risk characteristics of the reference index. To this end, the fund manager will not invest in all the securities of the benchmark index, but will draw on a representative selection of the "MSCI World ex Switzerland Index". A multi-factor model is used to minimise tracking error and transaction costs.

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